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Worst Car-Related Gifts


With the Christmas period behind us, and the dust settling into the new year, many of us are putting to use the gifts we received over the holidays. Whether that’s eating and drinking any consumables or putting on new socks, it’s always nice to give and receive presents.

However, there are always those relatives, friends or coworkers who cannot resist purchasing that novelty gift that’s ultimately useless, and those relating to the automotive industry are common.

So what are some of the worst car-related gifts given and received in recent years?


The Useless

While some car presents might bring a comedic element, such as fluffy dice for the rearview mirror, there are others that are bought for their intended recipient with good intentions but are pretty much useless.


Cigarette Lighter Jump-Start Cables

You never know when you will put the key in the ignition and be met with zero response from your engine. Flat batteries always seem to strike at the most inopportune moment, and even those with standard jump cables may find no other vehicle around to help spark it back into life. That’s the theory behind cigarette lighter jump-starter cables: offering drivers the ability to jump-start their car without the need for assistance. However, read the small print, and you’ll discover that these seemingly revolutionary gadgets are little more than trickle chargers that will do very little for a dead battery – especially in cold weather.


Inferior Tools

“The right tool for the right job” – that’s the mantra of many a mechanic/engineer/tradesman/dad, and this is never truer than when in relation to cars. Trying to change a wheel or even top up windscreen washer fluid is made considerably more difficult without the correct wrench or with an inferior jack, so be wary of using any cheap tools you may have received for Christmas.


The Novelty

So, your family have you pegged as a ‘car person’ – that shouldn’t give them free rein to buy you things like personalised number plate cufflinks or leopard skin steering wheel covers. Although not necessarily as frustrating as useless car items, novelty ones can still prove to be a disappointing gift.


Fake Sunroof

Giving your car an added touch of class takes a little more than just adding a stick-on sunroof to the top of it. While they may fool at a glance, once inside the car the game will be up when your passengers realise no light is coming through the roof.

Car Moustache/Eyelashes

Sticking a novelty sized moustache over the front registration plate or some elongated eyelashes either side of the headlights is not everyone’s idea of a good time, and won’t necessarily endear you to other road users. Best avoided.

Car Perfume

Forget that “new car smell”, some luxury motoring companies have decided to take the (perhaps misguided) step into the world of fragrance. Some car enthusiasts might find themselves unwrapping ‘Italian Mandarin’ or ‘Lemon Essence’ by Mercedes-Benz – the company thankfully steered clear of ‘Petrol’, ‘Muddy Dog’ and other more realistic in-car odours.
Keelers Service Centre are the leading providers of car repairs, servicing and MOTs in the Wembley and London area. You may have received unnecessary gifts for your vehicle this Christmas, but our expert team are on hand to carry out full servicing on all exhausts, tyres, brakes, batteries, clutches and more to give your vehicle what it really needs. Get in touch with Keelers Service Centre today to find out more.

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